About Us

Welcome! We’re Francesca and Susie, the “Kidvest moms,” and our company GLOgoodz is dedicated to making reflective wear for children. It’s our greatest hope to keep kids safer, give parents and caregivers more peace of mind, and help distracted motorists spot our youngest and littlest explorers, because children should be seen and not hurt.


How did the idea of Kidvest first come about? Walking our girls to school we saw a need for increased safety for kids, but we couldn’t quite put our finger on it until one morning Susie woke up from a dream with an idea for a children’s safety vest. She immediately called Francesca, knowing her most excellent friend was the one who could take that idea and make it into something real with her. Using one end of a baby bottle, we literally traced the circles of our dotted design onto our first patterns! And Kidvest was on its way to becoming a reality.


These days we envision Kidvests on children everywhere  –  in the city, the suburbs, the country, in good weather or bad. We want to get your child noticed! From learning to walk (We listened to your feedback and have added a toddler-sized Kidvest.) to holding your hand and crossing streets, driveways, and parking lots, from riding tricycles to bicycles and scooters, from skipping to the playground, walking to school, or exploring on fieldtrips with class or in day camp, it doesn’t take long to look around and realize the many situations where it just makes sense to help your child be more visible.  And Kidvest is a fun way to do that!


Please visit our Contact Us page on this web site and give us your input and suggestions. We are passionate about children’s safety and we’re interested in what you have to say. Thank you very much!

Kidvest…because children should be seen and not hurt!